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Hello eesome readers,

The past several months I have been working on an exhibit at the Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

 The Museum was finished in 1893 and was the Howard family home, it is utterly stunning. The furnishings are original to the home, and are all beautiful, as is the woodwork which was made by the craftsmen from the shipyard, that was owned by the Howard's.

The exhibit spanned from 1875-1900.  I don't really have a lot to say, just that I was so glad for the opportunity and that a lot of growth occurred, as well as a crash course in time management, since I ended up with about a month and a half to make most of it.

c. 1885 Polonaise and Skirt , it is made of cotton calico and a cotton poplin, trimmed with cotton grosgrain.
It is drawn up on the sides with ribbon so that the poofs can be adjusted.
This is the 1890's dress from a few years ago, finally with a hem facing and finished armholes.
And a waistband.
c.1893 Tea gown, silk satin with a diagonal stripe, fully lined with silk, centre panel of soft china silk.
Trimmed with a lovely embossed cut velvet trim.
c.1894 Day Dress
This dress looks wrinkled in the photo but, it is not so in person. It is made from silk faille and silk noil. The skirt is lined with silk taffeta and trimmed with an antique silk schiffli trim, antique lace and rick-rack.
The dresses in the beautiful dining room, and they match the decor.

c.1880 Promenade Dress
This was a dress I had started a couple years ago, then finally I finished everything on it and made a matching polonaise.
It is made of a silk dupioni, trimmed with various passementerie trims and braiding, as well and antique lace, ribbon and buttons.

c.1890 Party Ensemble
It is made of a floral print cotton and a silk/cotton organza.
c.1885 Seaside Dress
The plaid silk/cotton blend formed the colour scheme of this dress, it is made of a plain black linen trimmed with bands of  ribbon, the drape is edged with a very pretty passementerie trim.
The dresses in the Library
c.1898 Walking Dress
This is made with a cotton with a raised plaid pattern, lined with cotton, trimmed with chenille, with vintage linen cuffs.
The dress on the left is one I don't have a good picture of.
c.1900, the skirt is of linen and the blouse is made of a chambray and trimmed with antique whitework.
By the time of the exhibit I had very little time to make a reception dress, 2 days, to be exact.  With some help hemming, it was finished, and I have to say I absolutely adore it. It is made of a silk blend trimmed with several rows of sef fabric pleating, as well as, vintage rayon/cotton moire, vintage lace and innumerable "silk" flowers.

Bye for now,


  1. I love the dress you wore, Ruby! It suits you perfectly. Overall, you created quite the achievement! Hopefully you've had some time to rest and relax since the exhibit opened.


  2. Here's an article featuring Ruby's exhibit from southern Indiana paper, the News and Tribune

  3. Congratulations on a marvelous exhibition! The photos all look wonderful, and your reception gown is stunning. I look forward to hearing all about it when you're back :)


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