Catch up

So, it's been awhile.

In May after some delays and frustration, the Saugus Project was finished, with an estimated total of  40-45 pieces.  They turned out very well, I hope to get more pictures eventually, but I only have pictures of one of the costumes at the moment:
This was taken while still in production mode, thus the unfortunate background.
Then below, some of the fabrics used:

And then after that, it was onward to the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, KY.  A booth of  regency children's clothing and accessories, boys' and girls', and also jewelry by Delightful Goods:

Skeleton Suit 

My aunt made this FANTASTIC tent cover

Saris, shawls, and dresses

Staying Hydrated (and fed)

I did end up with just enough time to whip up a dress from an Enormous 1950s
tambour curtain panel, it still needs work but...

We had attended the event as guests for several years before this, but it was so fun to be on the working end.  We met many wonderful people and I also found some excellent books. At the end of the weekend, we collapsed onto various soft things, exhausted, but happy.


P.S. From here on out I will be attempting to make more consistent blog posts, either weekly or bi-weekly


  1. Yay! You're back! You're soo very talented and it's an absolute delight to read your blog posts. I sure hope that you'll be posting more about your recent sewing projects! All the best, Anneliese :)


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