1837 Dress

The week before last I made an 1837 summer dress, it had been, lately, unusually warm and I assumed that the taking of pictures would be pleasant, albeit mildly chilly, unfortunately instead of being somewhere around 60 degrees, it was in fact 43. 
 In spite of the fact it was very cold, the 6 layers I was wearing did help quite a bit, though I was concerned my shoulders and nose were going to fall off. 
The dress is made from an indian block print which took arrived after a one month saga, courtesy of indiapost, but is one of the softest and sheerest pieces of cotton I have ever felt/seen.
It is worn with 4 plain and one corded petticoat, 1840s mitts, a vintage veil with silk cord and a straw hat, and 1830s/1870s bone earrings
So here are my red nosed pictures
Gazing out upon the beautiful mud flats of public garden, they had just groomed them. 
The willows showed their fighting spirit, however, with a little spring green.
There was rather a lot of wind
Wondering, is that screeching creature a mud soaked squirrel?

This looks sort of like a 1840s daguerreotype,
 particularly the odd facial expression which occurred when I could no longer feel my face.

Ruby Grace


  1. Teehee! Freshly groomed mud flats - Mud soaked squirrels are the best of companions. It is all lovely and well worth the one month wait.

  2. Lovely! I'm sorry it was so cold for pictures, but it looks like you held up well. Being a historical lady is hard work :)


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