1630s Jacket and Skirt

                 Two weekends ago, I was invited to attend the Plymouth Thanksgiving day parade.  It was a glorious experience.  First, I got to get up at 5:45 a.m.  Then, I stumbled into my clothes, tragically, I forgot that: a. it was November and, b. that I had no real coat and would be by the ocean, thus the blanket.
We drove and, then waited in the freezing cold for 3hrs, then, for 3 more hours, with a cute, enormous hat I marched through billion mile an hour winds.  It was fun.
The dress was made in September for a lovely event by the Colonial Dames of America, which was so fun.  It is a 1630s ensamble, the jacket is patterned from one at the V&A, and hand embroidered with wool and cotton threads.  The skirt is wool, too.  The cap it made from linen, all hand sewn(yay).  So, pictures:
It's too early

Those, charming rosy cheeks, owe themselves to wind burn.



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