Autumnal dress for Sudbury

        I have had this fabric for ages,  and had initially made it into an incredibly awful dress. So when I had an event to remake it for I was thrilled.  I looked outside,  and was filled with autumnal joy,  I had a vision of going to Sudbury on a beautiful September day that was sunny, yet crisp and cool.  So, I made my dress accordingly, and lined bodice with flannel.  Of course, my vision was not be, it was about 80 degrees and sooooo sunny, but I did manage to get actually got nice pictures.
So here we go:
Happy collar pleats
Sleeve pleats
Its a wrap style dress that pins shut...

...with an open bodice...
...and a side view.

Towards the end of the day there was a lovely breeze. 


  1. What a lovely dress, Ruby! The color is very autumnal, on my screen it appears a little bit like cinnamon pumpkin, if that was a thing. ;) Very cute details, too, with the pleated color, etc. I hope to see it in person some day!


  2. Beautiful choices and well done! I love it.


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