Ragtime Dress

Two weekend ago my family and I took part in a performance with "The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers".  It was combination ragtime and regency, I had a regency dress but, no ragtime dress.  Therefore speed sewing was in order,  so with the patterning help of a friend and a bucket of polyester I managed to get the dress mostly finished in the week.  Unfortunately, it was rainy and kind of gross out, and consequently I have some of the least picturesque pictures ever taken,  I will take better ones...eventually, but for now you'll have to suffer through these:
The Back

The Side Front

The Front, with a crazy look in my eye...

The Side
It is made of polyester in the principal parts but, the top of the under-bodice is silk organza and the top of the bodice is a lovely gold lace.  I was concerned I wouldn't like due to, mostly unnatural fiber content but, I'm actually extremely pleased with how it turned out.   
I am going to another event this weekend and am making a autumnal regency dress that I am very excited to post about...and I will get good pictures this time.



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