Summer review

         I was in fact intending to make posts over the summer, but the combination of traveling and madly sewing prevented me, as usual; So I decided I would give a review now that most of the craziness is over.

In late July we headed out to the "Jane Austen Festival" in Louisville, Kentucky, which I have very few pictures from, only one actually.

 After a few more weeks of being away from home we were finally back...just in time to sew for another event, the Nahant Vintage Dance Weekend.
          The event took off on Friday at a beautiful property that someone had lent for the occasion, which was soiree.  The dress I made is constructed from a silk/linen blend, which all the glorious wrinkling properties of linen and the painfully tight weave of silk.
This was Fridays soiree( sorry about the less than wonderful picture quality)
The next day brought classes, a bazaar and a lovely ball at the town hall/community center.  My dress was made from a pale pink cotton organdy embroidered with sequins and vintage fabric flowers.
This was taken at Saturdays Ball

Side view, in case you can't tell, we stayed up very late Friday

Other side view
    On Sunday we were back at the same venue as the soiree , for a tea and a promenade to Egg Rock Point, which is a truly stunning place.  I had just finished mostly finished (as in wearable but, by no means done) my skirt and shirtwaist that morning,  and the pompadour was enormously fun to wear.
The sun was unbelievably bright
  I do have more pictures than this, but my face looks so silly, I'm not going to post them.  Anyway the weekend was so fun, and I can't wait for next year.


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