I'm Baaaack! (Unfortunately for you.)

           Hello there, my faithfully suffering readers,  I am back.
After busyness, frustration and not a small amount of driving school, I return the conquering hero.  This past Saturday the 21st I went to an 1860s ball hosted by The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers.  Much to my happiness a dear friend of our's was willing to me a lovely dress,  because due to my lack of foresight I had already lent out my dress to a friend.  Tragically I have no pictures.  But I do have pictures of an event that I and my parents went to on Sunday the 22nd, it was a Model T rally in Braintree, hosted by their historical society.

I and my parents

With a Model T
As it happened, I decided Sunday morning that a wanted a new dress to wear; So thirty minutes before we left, I made dress out of a poly-cotton check.  I based it off of a "One hour dress" from the 1920s,  not my favorite era but, I'm happy with how it turned out.


I apologize for the blurry pictures.  I'm afraid I've had to mostly stop the Historical Sew Fortnightly,  I have many other projects I need to work on for the summer, some of which you will be seeing soon.
Yours, Ruby-grace


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