Maid in a week (hehe, puns) HSF #8 UFO

Well...not exactly in a week, actually in two days.  While, the apron is in fact done, the reason its a UFO is because its part of a maid's outfit, which will consist of 1 black dress, 1 dress apron(what I just made), and a work apron.  So, its an outfit, and its not done=UFO(unfinished object)  Its a pinner style apron, don't know how authentically edwardian that is, but that's all right. But here it is.

This was one of my inspirations
The Challenge: #8 UFO

Fabric: Cotton dotted swiss

Pattern: No pattern

Year: Generally edwardian

Notions: Vintage whitework, linen thread

Historical accuracy: 80%

Hours: 16+

Total cost:  from the stash



  1. My studio has many UFOs. :)

  2. Oh my goodness I'm in love! I've been dying to make an Edwardian maid's uniform--blame Downton Abbey--and you totally nailed it!


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