HSF #3 Pink! (Finally)

                                             Yay! My fluffy pink nightmare is here! 
Big smile! I'm (mostly) done.

From the side.  Isn't my hair fluffy?

Far away view.
The Challenge:    Make something pink. (#3 Pink)
Fabric: Pink cotton lawn, white sheeting and, a floral pillow case.
Pattern: Altered " Truly Victorian's"  TV208 & Tv403
Year: 1870-72
Notions: 2 Hooks, 2 snaps, 2 mother-of-pearl buttons, Poly thread. (the poly thread was accidental, I looked at it after I finished. Grrrrr.)
How historically accurate is it? 8 out of 10.  All the fabrics are cotton and it has antique buttons.
Hours to complete: I don't actually know, I'm going to guess that it took 15 to 20 hours.
First worn:  Not yet worn.  Maybe when its not 17 degrees out.
Total cost:  Probably $30.  Sincerely,  Ruby-grace. 


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