New Pursuits

This year I am attempting a blog.

                  Which sounds like an exercise in procrastination.  But we'll see how it goes.
This new pursuit (Ha, there's the title) was inspired by the fact that I wished to take part in the "Historical Sew Fortnightly" without having to interact with Facebook in, any way, shape or form.  So here we go.  

Sincerely, Ruby Grace
P.S This post is my first, so have pity.


  1. I'm excited to share in your blogging adventures, Ruby! I hope you're not discouraged by not being able to complete every challenge in the HSF. I think it's important to do the challenges you're able to do (as in, those that line up with the many other projects in your life!) and not worry about the rest. All the things you've posted about so far have been lovely and I look forward to seeing more and reading your commentary. :)



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